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million. and indiana, $1.7 billion. indiana, according to the u.s. department of labor, seems to have a real problem with doling out a lot of money in what they called improper payments. >> well, that's just poppycock. >> reporter: he says in indiana, much of the problem is people failing to register with the state jobs board before getting money. >> i don't think these can be characterized as improper payments. >> reporter: but the federal government stands pat. saying those safeguards prevent wrongful payments. >> we're holding them accountable to that. and we're saying you're not closing the gap when it comes to improper payments. >> reporter: the idea, making it that much harder for people like the chopper and others, to take your money right to the bank. >> so, mark, what's the labor department going to do about it? >> reporter: diane, one idea is to simply hand over the names of everybody who's actually received an improper payment to the irs and let the irs confiscate tax refunds. it's an idea that's gaining steam and already working in several states. and as a result of this s
right into your strength. >>> union all but indiana very good. >>> and now at talking points. still impress american help. >>> take indiana very dead. there was an injury. >>> was an academic academics issue for one of the syracuse guys some much to jeff loris this man eric had a great show and the good luck to indiana. in the rest of the group. >>> onto basketball now. the n.c.a.a. tournament is already over four your california golden bears then looked at in the warmups that was about it. south florida killed these guys. it was downhill from the get go. the bulls stingy defense as good as advertised. the only about 13 points in the first half sadly for cal fans usf won 65 to 54. coverage begins at 9:00 this morning and be sure to sign up for the practicality can win some great prizes, laptop tablets all kinds of goodies check out. >>> is 653 and via scary moments after an apartment fire in san as a. a firefighter falls to the rules and straight into the flames we have a live report on his condition when we come back. right, pat right and firefighter falls through roof and surv
from themselves, if you will, indiana governor mitch daniels, there he is. you're watching "hardball," only on msnbc. when bp made a commitment to the gulf, we were determined to see it through. here's an update on the progress. we're paying for all spill related clean-up costs. bp findings supports independent scientists studying the gulf's environment. thousands of environmental samples have been tested and all beaches and waters are open. and the tourists are back. i was born here, i'm still here and so is bp. mid grade dark roast forest fresh full tank brain freeze cake donettes rolling hot dogs bag of ice anti-freeze wash and dry diesel self-serve fix a flat jumper cables 5% cashback right now, get 5% cashback at gas stations. it pays to discover. ♪ feel the power my young friend. mmm! [ male announcer ] for excellent fruit and veggie nutrition... v8 v-fusion, also refreshing plus tea. could've had a v8. >>> we've got new poll numbers now on the potential november election matchups. let's go to the "hardball" scoreboard. according to a new fox news poll, president obama's lead
, delaware, new york, pennsylvania, rhode island, indiana, north carolina, west virginia, nebraska, oregon, arkansas, kentucky, california, montana, new jersey, new mexico, south dakota, and utah. question, why are the republican primaries this year so protracted? >> because they changed the rules from four years ago and have more proportional primaries where delegates are awarded to all the candidates depending on the percentage of the vote. four years ago, they were mostly winner take all and john mccain was able to wrap it up. if they had the same rule told they had four years ago, romney -- it would be over. we would be writing it's over. this campaign season has been like a long psycho analysis of mitt romney. why doesn't he relate to voters? why can't he close the sale with the republicans? but in the end it's with are agent tick and there's a chance he may not have the 1144 delegates he needs by june. but he will probably wrap it up june 5, when california votes and new jersey, new jersey is winner take all. california by congressional district. nobody else has the resources to comp
daniels, the indiana governor. >>> also what was once accepted by both parties has become another party fight. the violence against women's act. and the democrats papt this as another example of hostility towards women. republicans say the democrats are playing politics. >>> if there's one thing people know about mitt romney is he once took a vacation with his dog strapped to the roof of his car. what is it about romney that makes this story stick? and let me finish with a thought about glenn beck. we begin with president obama and joe biden in campaign mode. michael steele was the chair of the republican national committee and howard fineman is the editorial director of "the huffington post." both are msnbc political analysts. let's take a look at joe biden. he's on fire today. the president and vice president was fired up. he took on the republican candidates naming names and leveling a tax on all their candidates. here's some of his speech from today. let's watch. >> mitt romney, rick santorum, and newt gingrich, these guys have a fundamentally different economic philosophy than we d
that they were kept at arm's length. as it stands now, indiana republican senator richard lugar will not actually be able to vote for himself in his state's may primary. today a county election board voted along party lines to find lugar and his wife ineligible to vote in their former home district because he does not own a house there or live there. lugar's office blasted the decision, noting the state election commission unanimously ruled his lack of a permanent indiana home does not disqualify him from being on the ballot. as of now, he's on the ballot. but won't be able to cast one. >>> finally, police, firefighters and other trenton city workers were down to their last rolls of toilet paper as a result of a budget battle in the garden state. luckily an emergency appropriation of $16,000 by the city council saved the day. meanwhile, animal rights group peta offered a six-month supply of free toilet paper rolls. the toilet paper donation came with the condition that each sheet would contain a pro vegan message that read in part, wipe cruelty from your diet. >>> from wipes to swipes, there is a
's just wrong about the data. in fact, the data from states like georgia, like indiana which have had photo id laws in place now for more than six years shows that it does not suppress the vote. in fact, the turn out of african americans and hispanics for example in georgia went up significantly in the state and the two federal elections held since then. in the lawsuits filed by organizations like the naacp and others against the georgia and indiana laws. those lawsuits were thrown out because the courts found they were run not discriminatory, and two because the plaintiffs couldn't produce anyone who would be unable to vote because of these voter id laws. >> ifill: pardon me. let me ask about this. what is the problem that these new laws are attempting to fix. >> they prevent a series of things. for example, impersonation fraud at the polls. voting under fictitious voter registration names or people who already died. voting by illegal aliens, and there's been plenty of cases of people registering and voting. also, they can deter individuals from voting who are registered in more tha
that popped up, in south bend indiana but most of the action was well down to the south. we could see some rain into even some stores tomorrow. we are looking for mostly clear early in then the clouds will begin to increase the bid showers possible low temperature 57-63 and then for thursday afternoon it lake wind could develop which would drop the temperature is about 25 degrees at least along the lakeshore in downtown thursday night mostly cloudy and showers. 52-57 degrees and another day of temperatures above 70, again we may see a shower at least there is a possibility of being one on friday as well. we will be back in 10 minutes with the fults 7 day forecast. >>full 7 day forecast. ors [ bell dings ] agents, when it comes to insurance, people feel lost. that's a dead end. don't know which way to turn. this way. turn around. [ woman ] that's why we present people with options to help them find coverage that fits their needs. almost there. whoo! yay! good work. that's a new maze record. really? i have no idea. we don't keep track of that kind of stuff. well, you should. [ male
.7% unemployment in your state. 8.7, indiana. 9% in michigan. they'll point to that this administration has done very little when it comes to those states and unemployment and jobs. >> well, i mean they got their head buried in the sand. they weren't here a couple of years ago when general motors was a about to go belly up. now in my district there's workers out there. if you can't acknowledge, at least in in a sober way that th president, whether it was the stimulus package, the auto rescue package, you know, the tariffs on chinese tires coming into the united states, reducing health care costs for medicare recipients. if you can't acknowledge that, you're not dealing with the facts. but people in ohio, as i said, saw this extremism a couple weeks ago. now here comes the president saying remember where we were a few years ago because that was the tail end of the bush policies. now we're moving in the right direction. he will be rewarded in the fall. >> the vice president was speaking to a captive audience. but the key in ohio are the independents. when we talk about the auto bailout and what's
into action including new mexico state against indiana. right now, tournament action is continuing. u.n.c. asheville and syracuse. do you believe in the way this game has come around? >> kenny: i really believe that when you play that zone you allow inferior teams to stay in the realm and that's what syracuse did. they've got confidence. you don't turn the ball over. >> kenny: you knock them down and the confidence level shoot through the roof. >> charles: i agree with you, kenny, as long as you are in the zone you're going to get good shots and you make the shots. >> greg a.: the i think the real issue is that kris joseph and scoop jardine are not having much impact on this basketball game. >> ernie: it is on tru-tv. a 58-54 game and we'll keep you up to speed. meantime, long beach state and new mexico. the 5-12 match-up in portland, oregon in the west regional, and it's the lobos by a deuce over the beach with just a few ticks left in the first half. are the other game harvard and vanderbilt. 16-12 vanderbilt lead. >> kenny: i thought that was 1200-1600 s.a.t. >> we've gone back and
's talking kentucky and they should. everybody's talking indiana/kentucky matchup. oh really? well the reason why kentucky lost that game at indiana, went 10 for 17 at the free-throw line and missed a lot of free-throws at the end of the game. indiana hits the three to beat them. they're looking at christian laettnor history matchup, it's not going to happen. baylor is playing very well with perry jones iii and kentucky still, even though here's the side bar, kentucky and the sec conference tournament, 12 for 53 shooting threes, i would play them like playing joe kernen, play six feet you'd be lucky to shoot an air ball but kentucky gets in new orleans. >> i'm more identifying with and i played with you and my six foot putt is usually an air ball. not my shot. all right, good. >> i got to go to the west. >> finally, finish that. >> michigan state, they got the easiest seeds out there. why? michigan state is strong, physical, blue collar team, dramn brown is the coach on the floor, tom izzo the picasso of basketball. marquette and louisville there's no beast in the big east this year but misso
-election campaign. today indiana's election board ruled luger isn't eligible to vote in his home precinct because he lives in virginia and sold his indianapolis home in 1977. the senator's campaign says it's just dirty politics, though, since the election board's democrats voted against him. much more on that, i'm sure. >>> and federal health officials unveiled a set of new and as you can see very graphic anti--smoking commercials. they feature people who have had amputations, paralysis and disfiguring surgeries because they smoked. officials say the $154 million campaign will save $170 million over three years. >>> memphis, tennessee is finally about to join at least 900 other u.s. cities and towns in naming a street in honor of martin luther king. it will happen on april 4th, the 44th anniversary of king's assassination in memphis. the new dr. mlk jr. avenue will be a mile-long stretch of what is now lynden avenue. several blocks from the motel where king was shot and killed. >>> not everyone's first day in prison is a media event or a media circus. but the guy in the dark coat? do you see him? da
against vermont but vermont beat them. here's the list of games tomorrow: indiana.. bria makin cond ance of the spring against the indians. he struck out 1 in one inning of pain reported in the elbow... another >>> brian wilson making the second appearance in the spring against the indians. he struck out one in one inning. no pain in the elbow. another sign, buster posey is recovering well from his broken ankle, an opposite field solo shot. this is his first hit and first home run of the spring. it tied the game at 2. and it ended in a 2-2 tie. the giants battle for first place is hitting up. aubrey huff brandon belt and brett pill are all hitting over .300. so pill screen right could be odd man out. >> this team is tough. they are pretty good. they are pretty loaded. >> reporter: despite being flush with first basemen, brett pill is making bruce beach cloudy's decision tough to swallow. >> i'm just going to go out and play hard swing hard and then whoever ends up playing that will be the right choice. >> reporter: with aubrey huff's big-money contract at first base and, of cou
from indiana sent us this photo. they do say honesty is the best policy. it's a restaurant. and we can promise you that it's going to be better than most hospitals. maybe even the schools. we don't know for sure. and finally christina willard from north platte, nebraska, submitted this photo. was it really necessary? >> well, you never know. they could have gone all the way up to the very end. >> they give you an extra few feet, but don't drive there. >> okay. thank you, honey. >>> all right. don't spend your entire week doing it. life is short. >>> "what the what" is coming up. >> who knew? >> oh, yeah, who knew? who keeps up with this stuff? >>> this portion of "today" is brought to you by the new nonalcoholic baileys coffee creamers. find your flavor today. >>> and we're back on this winesday wednesday, ready to play our weekly trivia game we call "who knew?" st. patrick's day is saturday so we're going to test your luck with irish trivia. as always, kathie lee is next door. she's ready to hand out 100 bucks to those who get the questions right. and to those who don't, lucky them, t
. >> he's in indiana, but it does continue. someone asked him if he's scared. he said it's not courage if you're not scared. one onlooker said it was like watching a public execution, except it's not because he's appealing. he says i have faith in the rule of law. i will be back. and, as i said, when you see what happened yesterday, only in america. >> right. >> the fourth illinois governor. it's unbelievable. >> yeah, it is pretty remarkable. >> and, you know, federal sentences, you serve almost the entire thing. >> i think it's 11.5 years he has to serve. >> yeah, and you don't get good behavior time like you do in other cases. he's going to be there a long time. >> thank you. >> 46 minutes passed the hour. still ahead, caught on tape. a deli owner beats a would-be thief like he is a pinyatta. >> an office building to walk outside because of that? look, no kidding. oh, my lord. that's incredible. >> that easter tor yell is what it is. i love it. >> we're going to take you there and explain that one in just a moment. this is lawn ranger -- eden prairie, minnesota. in here, the landsca
, in indiana. go ahead. caller: caller: thank you for taking my call. the blood is dripping out of my ears listening to more programs. is this not what mr. obama did with a shovel-ready project? we cannot even drive cars down the highways. this united states is bankrupt. $186 trillion in unsecured debt? we're talking about another bill? wake up. what a pairing, a republican and democrat getting together to do what? spend people's money that we do not have. guest: the program is not new. we're talking about extending existing programs. unlike other existing programs, these historically have been paid for with user fees -- the gas and diesel taxes, sec -- taxes on truck sales, tires, things like that. most of the program is paid for with user fees. what has made it so difficult to get a bill is that these user fees no longer covered the entire cost of the program. while there is strong support in congress, and generally in the public, in trying to make roads and bridges better, relieve traffic can get -- congestion, maintain things so they are safe, there is not a lot of support for raising
indiana, one would think. that looks like states that could be flavorable to his message. at some point to have a shot of catching up to mitt romney, i suspect he's going to have to win some state that frankly today is seems unlikely he would win, whether it's illinois or at some point, he has to pull off an upset. >> rick santorum is making the argument that this is a two-man race. a new fox news poll out yesterday shows that if somehow newt gingrich were to step aside, he does not want to, but if he were, if you took gingrich out of the equation, it's still romney now -- if you took out gingrich, romney would have 38%. rick santorum would have 32%. sorry, 43% without gingrich, rick santorum would have 39% so mitt romney would still be leading even without gingrich. >> and he would still be leading not just in polls but in delegate math and ali, that's all that matters right now. look, he would have to, meaning rick santorum, he would have to capture 60% to 70% of the delegates going forward. is it impossible? no. is it likely? no. probably not. it's like me becoming the next "america
. the secretary from nevada, ross miller. the secretary of state from indiana, charles wright. and the secretary of state from illinois, jess white -- jesse white says the same thing. beware of the house bill, it is flawed. it has some good ideas in it, but those flaws need to be corrected. that's what the reed-landrieu-levin et al does. we aren't trying to kill these wonderful ideas, exciting ideas. we're trying to fix it so it's better. and i hope that our members on the other side will join us in doing that and i'd like to submit this to the record. the presiding officer: without objection. ms. landrieu: the last -- i'm sorry, there are two more. actually i'm sorry, four more, we've gotten so many. the next one is from my office of financial institutions from baton rouge, my commissioner, banking commissioner wrote me. he is generally in favor of some of the things in the house bill, but he said i'm writing to urge you to oppose the preemption of louisiana law to protect investors. that, i'd like to put into the record. the presiding officer: without objection. ms. landrieu: the american sust
Search Results 0 to 28 of about 29 (some duplicates have been removed)